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How-To: Use the Gallery and Link Images to Forum Posts
The gallery is accessed by clicking the "ADKJ Image Gallery" in the menu.  It is always visible from any page in the site.  By default, it will open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser and configuration.

The gallery was selected for it's sheer simplicity.  Creating an album, adding pictures, and setting permissions is simple.  This how to is not going to cover how to do all that exactly, it should be pretty easy to figure out from the available options when you're in the gallery.  For more information, you can find the Gallery documentation at, or just shoot me a PM.

Only users who have registered in the Gallery, and have been added to the ADKJ group can add/edit albums/images.  Club members need to tell me when they register, so I can add you to the ADKJ group!  Guests and regular registered users are welcome to browse the pictures.

The basics of using the gallery is as follows:
1.  Register your account.
2.  Get added to the ADKJ group.  PM Lummoxx!
3.  Create an album (or select an existing one).
4.  Upload your pictures.

You can modify your album permissions, from the Album Options drop down, select Edit Permissions.  There are only a few options, and simple to use.

To link to an image you've put in the gallery, go to the image page by clicking on the image from within the album that contains it.  On that page, there is a section on the right "Link To This Page".

For posting the image in forums, use the Show BBCode option, and select the URL for the resized version.  Copy/paste that into your post or article where you want it to show up.

Put the URL to the picture between img bbcode tags.


The resized version is the same size that is displayed on the image page within Gallery, and is generally a good size for putting in a forum post or article.

If you use the link for the full size image, and the image is a full size photo, it will take dial up users forever to load it, and it will be much bigger than the size of the post don't do it!

Of course, if the full size image is smaller, you may need to use the link to the full size.

You can link images externally to other sites by using the HTML code, also.

Any questions or problems, please post them as replies to this.  I'll answer your question here, and update this post accordingly.

06 TJ 3" BB on 33's
well I screwed the pooch - tried to register - it never sent me an e-mail thou it claimed it did- I can't get in - I suckl
I see your gallery account, looks fine.  I added you to the ADKJ group....whats actually happening when you try to log in?
06 TJ 3" BB on 33's
(06-14-2011, 12:27 PM)Lummoxx link Wrote:I see your gallery account, looks fine.  I added you to the ADKJ group....whats actually happening when you try to log in?
Invalid name or password


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