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TJ Build.
finally ready to leave for moose on the loose.

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well guess its been a long time since i updated. Moose on the Loose went well. Jeep did really well, but roughest part of the trip was on the return trip we did more highway miles and she got hot. At the end of the summer we made a trip to Rouchcreek for Women's day wheeling and we had a little death wobble issue, nothing that keep Sharon from having fun on the rocks, just point out that i needed to do some maintenance after all the miles we did this summer.
so this winters funds are going to maintenance and little stuff. thought i was going to have to have some transmission work done, but thanks to Shane at OFR, figured out I had been checking the fluid level wrong and we were just low. Seems to be working great now.
Poison Spider hood louver - to try to get some heat out.
Rancho steering stabilizer and replacement bushings for the control arms.
Cable Shift - eliminate binding and noise from stock
Dual Battery - ?? (we killed the battery on MOTL running the cooler overnight)
So nothing major. (wanted to do metal cloak fenders but they will have to wait.)

Got the hood Louver install this weekend and control arms half off. painting them before reinstalling with the new bushings. Not sure why but one on each of the arms was dry and worn. Must be the grease wasn't getting into them good so i'll make sure it does now.

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Looks great Ted!  Makes it look mean.  You happy with it?  Like I mentioned it will make a huge difference in underhood temps.
'97 TJ's on 39 krawlers
like the looks can't wait to see how it does with the heat. but i'm pretty sure it should do the trick.
The guys down here say the hood vent helps some but the real solution is a alum core radiator.  When the road is 125 degrees and the air is 97 my TJ really doesn't love screaming down the highway. Y'all don't have that problem Smile
Merry Christmas, going through some old pics and found some of when I first got the jeep thought I'd share. So here's an old one and a current one.

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...and Happy New Year!  Thanks Ted - the RTJ looks great!
Happy New Year to you as well. Rick invited me to going "snow wheeling" with him this weekend. New thing for me as the Jeep is usually in the garage for the winter, but no big "plans" this year so we were ready to go. Had a good time but she started whistling on the way home, not sure if it was the AC pump, water pump or alternator, going to try to figure it out this week. It did stop making the noise by the time we got home.

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